Theatr Cymru play list 1970-84

List updated thanks to the information given by Huw Castell Nedd. Unless otherwise stated the productions were designed by Martin Morley

Y Tad a’r Mab

Yr Achos

Pwyll Gwyllt

Under Milk Wood

Panto backcloths. 2 from Afagddu,

the first unknown.

‘Y Twr’. Creatives: Tim Lyn (director), John Ogwen (actor), Jac James (film) and Gwenlyn Parry (author) and costume design for Y Fenyw.                                       

Hanner Munud. model





Doctor Dewin


Ty ar y Tywod

Dyfroedd Dyfnion  Model

Tair Comedi Fer

Gwenith Gwyn

Eco a Gollodd ei Lais


Pont Robat

Some pantomime costume designs. They are unnamed as the shows are long forgotten.

Y Ffin

Where possible I have given photo credits. For those I have over looked I hope I have not given offence. Most of the rehearsal photos are my own taken with a simple point and shoot camera.

Martin Morley

A Life in Theatre & Television Design

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